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This project was conceived once we figured out that we could merge money with talent. This combination of ultimate exotic sports car (with one-off matching trailer) and a custom front and rear air suspension bike would prove to be a great idea. Enjoy the pics!
The "Barley" concept was a unique one. We wanted to subdue the craving of a die-hard Harley motor man with the stance of the new urban sportbike. This bike features TAB front and rear suspension with a 330 Avon tire. Let's know what you think.
Wait till you read this one. Did you ever not get credit for something you did do. This Yamaha Roadstar was really built by the guys at Tricky Air & Billet, not the school teacher from Massachusetts as the article states. Boy, don't you think we where surprised when we saw it on the front cover of V-Twin magazine. Please enjoy the pics of this bike built by yours truly.
The "Slammer" concept bike designed by Eric Dunshee in house designer for Honda, blew us away when it was reveled to us. Take your time and enjoy the sculpted lines that is known as "Art" in the motorcycle world.
TAB is currently working on series of 2012 Harley Davidson touring bikes that can be purchased directly from us. These bikes will only be purchased brand new from a authorized HD dealer then brought back to our facility to be fully customized with only the best components.