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Brand new 2012 new name "Series 001"
Here are some pics of the build.
More to come!
Series 001

TAB is currently working on series of 2012 Harley Davidson touring bikes that can be purchased directly from us. These bikes will only be purchased brand new from a authorized HD dealer then brought back to our facility to be fully customized with only the best components. Here is a list of those components:

* TAB 9 degree raked "Tricky Trees"
* TAB front air-suspension forks
* TAB SS front wheel Axle
* TAB XS-Rear air-suspension kit 
* TAB front wheel-"Tricky Ten Spoke " 23x3.75
* TAB "Tricky Ten Spoke" matching 13" Rotor
* TAB "Drop Top" 23" front fender 
* Avon 130/60/23 front tire "Cobra"
* Avon 200/60/16 rear tire " Cobra"
* Arlen Ness "Down-n-out" rear extend bagges
* Arlen Ness "Down-n-out" rear extended fender
    With recess license plate holder
* Arlen Ness " Down-n-out" Side covers
* FBI dash kit with pop-up gas cap
* Vance/Hines exhaust
* Custom seat by Mike Reagan designs
* HHI 6-piston caliber

If you are interested in becoming the owner, please contact TAB.

Check out the New Drop Top fender!!!!!
Series 001 has been sold!!! "Enjoy it Steve"