Barley Concept bike
Tricky Air & Billet fuses together the framework of a Harley Davidson with the world renowned styling of a Suzuki Hayabusa.  The concept of this bike was to develop a motorcycle that was Harley Evo motor based but with the functionality and style of a Suzuki Hayabusa.  Tricky Air & Billet now introduces our Concept Bike: "The Barley".  Tricky Air & Billet not only thought that this styling would be different for the V-Twin market; but then added to that, the adjustability of our front and rear air suspension in order to fine tune the handling and performance characteristics.  The objective of this bike is to introduce the V-Twin market to the urban styling of the aftermarket design of the Suzuki Hayabusa.  The endless possibilities of the front air suspension that Tricky Air and Billet just developed for the Suzuki Hayabusa opened the doors to many other design applications for the motorcycle industry.   We took the idea and applied it to this concept bike with remarkable results as far as functionality and suspension behavior.  Tricky Air & Billet with the idea of our new front air suspension is currently working on other concept bikes similar to the ones that we all already know, for example, the pro-street style designed bikes. Imagine if you will, another concept bike similar to our air chassis with freshly CNC machined triple trees holding Suzuki Hayabusa front forks pushing on a 23 inch wheel. Returning back to concept bike, part of the urban style is the long swing arms, low stance and wide tires, which fit perfectly with our new idea.  The "Barley" is suppose to give the Harley enthusiasts the ability to race down the street the same way the sport bike does, but still being true to his V-Twin power plant. The only missing feature on this concept bike in front of you is the turbo charger which was part of the original thought, just not shown to you at this present time.  Please feel free to add the turbo charger to your power plant if speed is an issue. The frame of the "Barley" bike is currently available through Maximum Motorcycles, Inc.  As for the true reasons why the concept vehicle is born, after the public's response Tricky Air & Billet will go into production of the gas tank and rear tail section, planning to be available in carbon fiber.  Any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact Tricky Air & Billet at 1-866-922-3533.
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R&D pics