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Suzuki M109 rear Air-Suspension kit
The rear air-suspension kit for the Suzuki M109 use's one of TAB's 80mm dia shock. This shock is made out of Stainless Steel and has 2 inches of suspension stroke. This translates to about 5 inches of axle to fender movement for the M109 The intake port has a 90 degree swivel fitting with a 1/4 in push in hose connection. The second port is for the rebound control. The rebound control allows the rider to adjust there firmness of the shock to the way they want it to ride. TAB's air-suspension shocks have no oil or spring asset in side them. Our shocks have seals and Teflon straps on the piston to insure smooth action of the stroke. Kit comes complete with onboard air compressor/solenoid,1/4 inch hose and three way monetary switch. Your factory bolts will be utilized.