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Harley FLST-2000 & UP rear suspension
Installation tips;
The x2 OEM style shoulder bolts have a .5 of an inch of clearance so the shocks can find there own location. This is after they have been completely tighten.
The shocks come out of the box with a center hole to center hole measurement of 12.25. This measurement can be altered several different ways. First by adjusting the rod ends or calling Tricky Air & Billet for different size spacers which go between the top mount and shock body.
Rebound adjustability
One of the reason why Tricky Air & Billet's air-suspension is so widely used is our rebound control. The gold hand adjustable fitting controls the rate of air coming and going out of the second chamber. With this rate at the control of your finger tips you can now soften or firm up the ride according to the way you drive or road conditions. 
Black Option...................$1275.00
Chrome Option................$1435.00
The rear stainless steel air-suspension for the 2000 and up twin cam is very similar to the 99 and down soft tail with the frame mounting being different. There is still one inch of stroke which translates in to 3.5 to 4 inches of axle movement. Compressor/solenoid and all necessary hardware is included in the kit.