What is a "Performance Bagger" ?

The standard of a performance bagger is that this bike should break necks as it cruise though a crowd or makes other bikers jaws drop is it flies by like a UFO at 120mph! A "PB" should have high speed capabilities and complete rider control without compromise. The looks and functionality of a "PB" should be enhanced as you spend money on it,not a look that has you compromizing the way you really want to ride. 

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Hear is a list of parts that we suggest you should have if you want your bike to ride well.

A "PB" does not necessarily need to have it's neck cut and raked to fit a 23 or 26. You can simple bolt on our 9 degree rake " Tricky Trees". The reason for the trees is to increase the wheel base of the bike while angling the front forks to 35 degrees for added stability. 

So far all of our high speed testing has been done with a 23" wheel and tire. Top speed to date is 120mph.mph. We highly recommend a Avon 23" W/T if you are going to do some serious riding. 

True "PB's have our rear adjustable stainless steel air-suspension so they can control there riding comfort or stance at a flip of a switch.​ 

 Note: Not only is the rear air-suspension a great part for the ride comfort, but we feel that lowing down the rear of a FLH helps with some of the control issues that come with the touring models right out of the factory. Lowering the center of gravity is one of the observations that we have made with the touring models that helps with there wobble issue.

 More news about other "Performance Baggers" will continue to be add to this page.
Heath's Roadglide is just one prime example of what a "Performance Bagger " really is. Great stance,style,motor work and high speed stability. Perfection on two wheels! Heath's bike features TAB 9 degree "Tricky Trees",TAB front air-suspension forks and TAB rear stainless steel air-suspension. Great job Heath!
Heath's Roadglide
Ricco's RG 
Ricco's RG features TAB 9 degree raked "Tricky Trees" and a 26" W/T.