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Milwaukee "8" 2014 and current rear air-ride kit

This is our latest kit for the 2014 and up Harley Davidson "M8".  The new HD now has a mono shock suspension design and we couldn't be happier about that. Our shocks are constructed out of 304 stainless steel and feature a billet T6 6061 top mount and feature an adjustable spherical rod end and 303 stainless steel spacers. The comp/solenoid pack mounts under the frame/transmission on a 304 stainless steel bracket.

Suspension adjustability: 
TAB is the only company that features a true air adjust rebound control located opposite of the air pressure inlet port. The gold fitting can be set to anywhere on the spectrume of soft to hard with rotating the gold flow control fitting.

 With the threaded spherical rod end on the swingarm portion on the shock, fine tuning the center hole to center hole measurement has never been easier. This feature allows you to make adjustments for fender to tire clearance possible when if needed.

What is included with the Kit:
Kit comes complete with x1 80mm mono shock, compressor/solenoid unit mounted on a 304 stainless steel bracket. x2 303 .475 spacers, x1 7 amp 3-way momentary switch.

compressed = 10.125
Stroke = 2 inches
Extended = 12.125

Complete kit price........................................$995.00