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Indian rear air-suspension kit

The rear air suspension kit for the Indian line up features one of our mono stainless steel shocks with our adjustable rebound control. This system was designed specially for all the Chieftain models, Chief Darkhorse, Classic and Roadmaster.

All of Tricky Air & Billet's shocks are made out of 304 stainless steel and have the ability to be dissembled and rebuilt for years of service.   

TAB's stainless steel shock features 2" of air suspension stroke. This translates to 4" of rear suspension travel between top of tire and bottom of fender.  

Adjustable rebound control. This allows you to change the dynamics of how your suspension feels. The rebound control turned all the way in, is the shocks softest setting. As you turn the rebound control out (3 to 4 complete turns) the feel of your shock becomes harder increasing the rebound effect of the shock. 

​Compressor/Solenoid: TAB has developed a laser cut stainless steel bracket to hold the compressor and solenoid together while taking in consideration for the tip sensor. This unit fits underneath your stock seat area.

Switch: A 3-way switch comes with the kit in order to active the compressor and solenoid. The kit will bring a stainless steel bracket to mount the switch under the seat. On the solenoid there is a fitting much like the one on the shock that allows you to control how fast air pressure exits the system.

Mark from "Pin Up Baggers" built this beautiful Indian.