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Harley Davidson FLH/FLT Rear Air-Suspension kit

Our TAB shocks for the Harley Davidson FLH model are made out of 304 Stainless steel and have a T-6 6061 top frame mount cap with 1/2 inch spherical rod ends for the swingarm. The TAB Kit comes complete with compressor,soleniod,hosing and switch.

Measurements : The complete stroke of the shock is 2.6'' inches. Center hole to center hole is 10 inches. This measurement can be changed by adjusting the rod ends or buying different size spacers form TAB that mount between the body of the shock and the top mount.
News! Check out our new 2.6" shocks
The new "XS-Shocks" (Extra Stroke) are now completed. Our new shocks have 2.6" of complete stroke. This is major news for how your bike rides with TAB air-suspension. TAB has now incorporated rod ends into our top mounts for any misalignment.  

Rebound adjustabilty
One of the reason why Tricky Air & Billet's air-suspension is so widely used is our rebound control. The gold hand adjustable fitting controls the rate of air coming in and out of the second chamber. With this option at the control of your finger tips you can now soften or firm up the ride according to the way you drive or road conditions. 
Price $
Black Option................$1227.00
Chrome Option.............$1375.00
"Elite Series" 4.0 stroke 

TAB is proud to announce our latest shocks for the HD-FLH model bikes. The new "Elite Series" shocks feature 4.0 inches of stroke,TAB's latest needle seat cushion rebound control "NSCRC" and all of our new shock mount tops have built in spherical rod ends for longer piston alignment.

Features included; 
4.0 inches of total stroke.

New-Needle seat cushion         rebound control "NSCRC".

9.6" lowest setting from swing arm to frame when collapsed.

Spherical bearings on both top and bottom mounts to increase longevity.
Complete kit includes onboard compressor, solenoid & 3-way switch

Black tops.............$1495.00
Chrome tops..........$1595.00

Shocks only...........$1275.00